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Go Cop Whatever (The Jacka)

Verse one first there's not a safety on my gun For the safety of my daughter and my son Who gotta father on the run Still hustlin Gotta leave em with something Still young and thuggin Bustin hammers after a function Get that shit on camera Na dudes we gon be stuntin The boys come and roll da window up Act like nutin We from the bay A R E A nigga We got straps smokin fat so don't roll with us If you scared of the high speed Or the ice streets So cold you need minks Racin niggas for pinks Watching tv seein AP gettin tatted on ink Who told me never sleep Matter fact never blink I'm always in to my neck but I never sink At the burl like young furl rest in peace That's the nigga get yo scrill Cause you are the streets Ya feel? Got weed coke hop whateva It's the game where crooks come together Get rich and go cop whateva It's the shit but don't cross me neva I don't think you like hanging round me I smoke too much Ain't scared to buss I jus poured the four in my cup All the hoes just trying to get fucked Seven trey cuts sittin way up I buss the scale then weigh it up Park in the cuts wait on jugs Wait for cause then wait on hus After that my day is up All day I'm with da shit Cranberry drippin off my whip Hit the liquor store for a fifth 99 cent bag of chips P black drippin off that six Black g5 26 inch Rims under that bitch Sometimes I wonder why we rich And I pop bottles on the strip Smoking purp no matter what 40 cals that knock out chunks Let my young niggas knock out chumps Ya them yung niggas knock out fronts And I'm standing there smokin blunts Could've stopped but fuck you punks