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Love How It Feels (The Jacka)

Let's go I come through bitch With my muthafuckin' niggs And I couldn't give a fuck By how you hoes feel Dip through with the steel All in a bitch's face Put my sticker on her ass Tell her let a nigga pass At the summer jam With my backstage pass Bought 'em from the base So we thuggin' on the grass Watchin' time pass Cuz I'm waitin' on the real shit Performin' at the after party Sold when you see a mix Scream real loud bitch Like your real proud A G got tossed in the crowd Then I got lost in the cloud In the Benz With my nigga Twin Honkin' at her and her friends Watchin' her, watch the rims I bet they wanna hop in Even though they on dubs Too love what a thug do I know you got your bread right Let's see if your head right In the traffic in the middle of the night Do you love what you feel In love with you Real gangsta Yo, uh, yo Real gangstas everywhere Smokin' rope in the alley Just don't care Swangin' eights in the alley The Hus long here All the hoes on my dick I got to be there But I'd rather hang out And hustle all year Cuz the paper don't stop The block is on pop It's the dope game, cocaine Locced out to the brain Give shit 'bout a bitch Silly with the chop man I'd rather hang Wit my niggas on the drug spot Don't talk on a snitch when his gun pop 1 double O duece 3 Niggas gettin' packed in a row 'fo deep Movin' on Fourth Street Yeah ho, check out my shit I couldn't give a shit about A shitty haired bitch Tossed up, purssed slut Tryin' to get rich Slide my shit down a and burned Gone on a bitch Gettin' dope-fiend dumb Nigga gone off this shit And I don't pop pills I pop niggas with the clip You faggot ass nigga What are you smokin'? I know to dip hard To the knock I'm yokin' Like what All my murder dub niggs in Oakland And my Hunter's Point hustlas Keep the chapper smokin' Gave a kid up out my low-life, gangsta, hustlas All you child ass turkey I don't fuck wit suckas Havin' fun like it's '81 The hoes love the way My perm hang in the sun I'm outtie 5 G What up bitch, yeah that's me You a model from L.A. But you couldn't believe All the shit that you seen When you came to my house Thought it was a hard cock Till you seen it float out Rob sittin' on the leather couch Lookin' like Bob Smokin' more than a ounce Close the door Took a trip upstairs Got sucked on the floor Then I called her a whore And I spend way more Than your pops can afford So get the fuck out for real You punk bitch And I ain't nothin' like Any of the niggas you fuck wit Just ask Boo James That's my DJ, he'll tell ya Ain't nothin' worse than a failure So get your shit together Punk niggas tryin' to send 'em And see what's in 'em And every love that I drop On a chick is venom I got bitches that suck way more Than them bitches that suck the floor on your tank That's so real I better paint a picture in your brain You must be lame if you can't [Chorus x4]