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Storm (The Jacka)

Killa on the road nigga (Riders on the storm) Nigga watch out nigga (Riders on the storm) The J-A nigga You know what Spit my life on this beat, live my life on the street Got the thugs on my team, keep the strap in my reach And I'm lovin' the lean, but don't fuck with the peach Optimo, hit the Sco, 60 box of the sweets Yea I'm fully aware, even if I look sleep I really live this shit, these squares wanna be me But you niggas is weak, and you scared to get doe I done did road trips with 50 bricks of that blow Gangsta's buy 'em from me, but'll kill for ya nig Cause keep it real as fuck is all I did That's all I know, smoke everyday 100 in my chop, cause we don't play Na we just kill, nigga where I stay Nigga where I live, hit a bank bare faced Just to feed our kid, got beef with the J Shoot my gun at your crib, and do a day at the block Never stop for the pigs, that's just how we rock (Riders on the storm) I'm from the city that Big rep Where coke droughts, got niggas cryin' like Isaiah on the Knick's bench A closed mouth don't get fed A real man, will keep his mouth closed even with the feds Never sleep you get enough rest when you're dead Fuck a dream what you need is a good connect If it's pure or compressed you've been blessed In other words less complainin' more to stretch Thorough niggas ain't born we bred I'd rather be loved than feared I'm smooth 'til I'm on the edge I don't move unprepared What part you ain't understand Fuck around lay around, while I over stand The road to redemption I'm on a chosen path To greatness ain't nothin' gonna hold me back Niggas know where my zone is at I spit it how I live it this is cocaine rap, ugh (Riders on the storm) Yea nigga, the Jack Hustlin' in the rain with my nigs pushin' cane Push my thang to your ribs nigga you know what this is Fuck the drought I'm the Jack, give me all the shit I'm goin' in, let's get it in, I'll kill again to feed my kids I gives a shit about a bitch up in the yay East Bay gangsta like that S-P-I-C-E who rock with men You can eat, I walk around with my heat But I'm cooler than a styrofoam cup full of lean If you know us if you don't you better scream mutha fucka Chrome 4-4 with the beam on the rubber Livin' nigga's dreams but a nigga had to suffer Ridin' through the storm I don't think I could recover