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Jormungandr (Wodensthrone)

This silent earth tremors with seemingly sentient purpose A hatred forged through aeons with unrequited benevolence Her divine rage tears the earth asunder inviting her kin to embrace oblivion As the wounds they have rent (in her) bleed streams of fiery blood To burn away the taint of the guilty And O' how she weeps, as her children choke And cry for release from the flames of her vengeance Until the rivers of blood run to the rising seas Which wash over the carnage to quench the embers of hate But death is the only release from her terrible wratch For she knows that they must die... the parasites they are Silence falls as the waters recede and the sun beats down upon the still earth with a newfound sense of hope All is calm once more Life slowly reawakens and emerges from the ruins Blinking into the sunlight of this new dawn as the earth lies still, mourning All is calm once more