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If That Don't Make Ya Wanna Go (Isaacs)

John saw a golden city New Jerusalem come down. Twelve jasper walls and gates of pearl, such splender all around. And He tells about a river of live, the flows beneath the thrown. Where we'll drink and live eternally, in a mansion all our own. Chorus Oh, if that don't make ya wanna go, brother, if that don't make ya wanna go sister. If that don't make ya wanna go, to heaven, I don't know what does. They say there is no hearache there, and no more curse of sin. No sickness and no cross to bear, and death can't enter in. No fighting in no battlefields, no war no enemies. Where the lamb and lion lay side by side in that land of perfect peace. Repeat chorus No worries, and no more to fear, our faith will be made sight. It's a glorious land of endless day where Jesus is the light. Got a lot of friends and loved ones there, and a savior I will meet. And I'll lay my crown of jewels down when I bow at Jesus feet. Repeat chorus twice. I don't know what does.