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Stop Reading, Start Doing Pushups (Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows)

Listen up You’ve wasted your time and wasting mine failing to be somebody you want to be forgotten, cut like the rest? Or do you want to stand up and fucking be somebody? Yeah So tell me what it’s like to have lived without moving an inch And had you up enough to stay we just talk but never live you laugh at me then you laugh at them but I laugh at you cause you’re just the same, the same I may have, I may have More sensitivity than talents But I, I will be The king of my world And thank God that I’ll never be you. So tell me how it feels to see me I am all you want to be Can you control your defeat? You know you love the tragedy we laugh at you then we laugh at them then you laugh at me cause we’re all the same, the same I may have, I may have more sensitivity than talent but I, I will be the king of my world I think you forgot that I’ll never be you I’ll never be you I’ll never be You I’ll never be you