Heartless (Noyd Big )

It's your boy Rapper Noyd, clappin toys, leave you famous Kill the noise, Zoid, you will get destroyed by the stainless Leave you brainless cause we gangsters that'll bang you out of anger These slugs'll rearrange ya cause you nothin but a wankster While you poppin shit we poppin clips, pop a cop, I pop your bitch I'm that rude, that dude you don't wanna be fuckin with I warn you once, that's all you get, I'm wild and I'm ruthless I should lynch your ass, some hang-you-from-the-roof shit Like Q did to Bishop, yeah I'm on some Juice shit All for respect, you know how the goons get Son, we ain't new to this, we true to this gangster shit Navy blue Carhartt, Infamous handkerchief Every day is dangerous, niggas wanna get at me But I'm from the hood and the hip is where the gat be You ain't gotta ask me, I'm right here, who want it? That Queensbridge bullshit, yup yup, we on it Cause we hungry, heartless, loco, retarted Crazy, maybe, real quick to start shit Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn to Harlem We all got guns, you know we be mobbin Boosters, shooters, niggas that be robbin Kidnap your babies, you don't want no problems Fuck you, pay me, my niggas is starvin Infamous in this bitch, you know we be Mobbin You know why? Cause I don't go nowhere without it, be without it cause I'm 'bout it Make it rain on you cowards, bring a storm of gun showers Make it smell like gun powder cause haters I devour Face it, the game's ours, we ain't playin with them doubters Aimin gats, swingin bats, fuck your raps, shit is crap Dressed in black (?) I put one up in your back Stay in your lane cause if it's fame you want stuntin you can get it I send shots through your fitted, you want it, come with it Cause I'm here all year, no fear, cock the bizkit It might not pop off, but you don't wanna risk it Bring the bidness with the burners or the ratchet or the hammer I'm bananas, you only act gangster in front of cameras You ain't gully, I get money cause I'm live, ride or die In QB where I reside, puffin lye gettin high See we fly while you drive, we up while you strive You lease while we buy, cause I'm the truth, you'se a lie Muthafucka [Chorus]