Nowhere Else To Hide (Noyd Big )

Straight out the slammer, grab a hammer, a new shiny Mac Nigga front on me, I'm puttin two up in his back Which means a nigga stunt on me, he gettin clapped It's a fact, won't catch me in the street and not strapped Not at all, your boy Noyd keeps it raw I came a long way from stuffin cracks in my drawers To goin on tour to hangin plaques on my wall You try to stop that, I take your fuckin head off I just drive by slow And point the heat right out the window A nigga want beef, I'm lettin that thing go In other words I let that machine gun blow When it come to my foes My gangstas, dealers, some real live niggas Hustlers, killers, gettin guap niggas Ready to pop off, somebody gotta die Nigga, I'm everywhere, how the fuck you gon' hide? When it's (No where else to) (No where else to) (No where else to hide) I said it's hot in here, the cops here, the homie got the glock, yeah They say we hood cause you can find us right here Sippin on a light beer, dipped in Carhartt gear And I know niggas on the Island doin life there They ain't got a slight, yeah, ready to fight, yeah My name's Rapper, America's nightmare And we don't fight fair, nah, cause we quite sick I got homies that'll bang you with a ice pick They beat up police with they own nite sticks You get on my nerves, no question that I might flip Look dunn, I'm not dumb, I roll with a big gun And I spit heat at you faster than Big Pun I got a lotta rhymes but all I gotta say is one Once they hear me spit on the drums, their career is done You could try to run but where you gon side to? You ain't here, I was in the street, you been lied to (No where else to) (No where else to) (No where else to hide) I woke up one mornin, turned my radio on I couldn't find my money, I knew it was on Damn, I was dead bent, sippin Henny's, drownin beers It couldn't be that chick cause that bitch still here Where my gun, hit my dunn, damn, this hangover killin me Party poppin last night, the streets feelin me But stop, where's my guap, though? Don't make me have to wake this bitch up with the.44 Everybody know how I bang for that dough Whether a gangsta or a hoe - what's this over here? Oh shit, she lucky, there it go Listen ma, I don't wanna sound mean But damn shit, a nigga had to bang for this CREAM And even though it really ain't nothin to me I'm tryina get you, I can't let you get me You lookin real sweet and you fly, too But think about it - you get me, tell me where the fuck you gon hide, boo? (No where else to) (No where else to) (No where else to hide)