Things Done Changed (Noyd Big )

Let's go Let's take 'em back Remember them niggas from the Bridge be the realest Pissy staircases, the Hill for the dealers Told you what crack was and what the blue steel is And yeah, only my real homies could feel this Remember Fly Ty, damn, the nigga doin years, kid Baby mama drama, the cops nearly killed him "Infamous" came out, but look, rap is wack now The fans that used to bump to it, half of them doin crack now Block full of crack vials, life of a black child Bitches got AIDS cause they don't believe in Lifestyles That's they whole lifestyle, used to have a nice smile Now her teeth is missin, and she lookin type foul Pregnant by a nigga on trial, facin life now A true story, even though it might sound foul But shit is crazy But that was back in the days Ooh I can remember back in the days I reminisce on you but now the game done changed The streets still cold but niggas ain't built the same Things done changed, it ain't the same I wish I could go back again Remember when we used to call weed buddha and sometimes sess Now it's nothin less than 'dro, the haze is the best It was big gold chain, now it's diamonds on the neck Went from two-shot Dillingers to fully loaded Tecs We used to be in love, now it's all about the sex Bitches with fat asses and nice big breasts We used to love to rhyme, now it's all about the checks Flossin around in Bentleys, they used to push the Lex And now we drink Henny and still sip Becks But used to hit the ave with the click to catch wreck Your crew was your posse, and now it's your set It was Deceps then, now it's the Bloods and the Crips Do the crime, do the time, now everybody snitch Death is a bastard, but life is a bitch Shit's crazy Take 'em back But that was back in the days [Chorus: Kira]