Call Me (Hernandez Marcos)

Here we are in confusion Could be it's all an illusion Who knows the times to come The years to face, the race to run We believe in the graven image We believe in the fight to the finish We desire the almighty dollar The pound of flesh, the golden collar Lick the hand, we give our land to dogs Here we are in the years The blood, the sweat, the tears Have made us bondage slaves In a world that we never made The politicians lick your bones The tacticians, hearts of stone They turn us against our brothers Make us fight and kill each other Locked in lust we put our trust in dogs Now here we are again The dead still look the same Who cares they're soon forgotten Nobody gonna miss a corpse that's rotten Your fathers, daughters, mothers and sons Have been taken by the chosen ones But don't forget you made the choice You made your mark, you raised your voice They're all the same, you're all to blame They're all the same, you're all to blame They're all the same and you're to blame, you're dogs, dogs