You Changed (Black Jully)

You, you, you. Yeah, alright, You you you. Yeah, you changed, You changed Every time I see your face I think of how it used to be. What I used to mean to you, and what you used to mean to me. Now I see your someone else so I gotta ask myself, "Is it me you really want?" or is your loving just too full. [Chorus] You, you changed so much since I met you, Don't know why but I'm so confused. All I know is I still love you, yes I do. Still love you. Still love you. Somebody told me that they saw you in the shopping mall with some girl. First I didn't want to believe it 'cause it messed up my whole world. Now you taking me for granted 'cause my heart is all for you, Tell me how you don't understand it, when I've gone real far for you. [Chorus: x2] Yesterday everything was okay now it seems that your far away (far away) Are you fading on me? do you really love me still tell me how you really feel (really feel) Are you playing on me. oh you. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I'm going crazy, crazy. Still love. I still love you. Still I still love you, you! you! you! you you yeah. Mmm