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Blue Motorbike (Moto boy)

I came to ask you out, been wanting To for days, will you go with me tonight I will pick you up, on my blue motorbike I'll be there sevenish and you'd better Hold on tight, cause I like the sense Of speed, and I like the sense of you, Maybe you like me to... I know a secret place, where the rock Steeps into sea, will you go there with Me tonight we can dive into, the black And eerie blue, maybe we'll even kiss And you'd better hold on tight, cause I Like the sense of falling, and I like the Sense of you, maybe you like me to Can I have this dance, cause life's a Grim waltz, and I'm to young to dance Can I have this jive, cause life's a grim Waltz, and I'm to young to dance, I'm To young to dance