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Epitaph (time Will) (Shadow Project)

Please. Please speak to me I'm not at all who you might think I should be I'm blind but keep in mind I still can see And blind leads blind Or so it seems This dream was penned for you and ... Me. I'm caught But oh, so free There's joy in cells, In thick disease Pleasure in pain The voice justs screams So I've walked through all the wrong doors Came face to face, left bruised The body of thew wrong man Is the body I abuse You can pickme up in pieces, Toss me on the floor While I jigsaw search for meaning Find there is none - evermore We've read your epitaph And seen our own Nail to cross, crown to thorn Truth doesn't lie in minds unfed, Blind remains blind Or so it's said A choice for the living Not the living dead We've sought the path Where angels fear to tread A place for the seeker To lay his head Below hoove on heel And beating wing Time will, time will be seen