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Under Your Wing (Shadow Project)

If you trust that soul You will reach the top And then you will drop Blind faith keeps you hanging, Hanging in the air And you will see, You never really touch reality, Never really touch reality Feed the dog that bites your hand Kick their face, pat their head And when their back is turned Stick it in, revenge is the future To the ones who've done the wrong You'd better keep your eyes peeled, Hate never heals I'll be around - hammer and nail Kiss my hell, spill your fill It turns to love, turn to love Every drop is one less beat Take me please, please take me Under your wing, under your feet Chained to a black heart What's it like to die? What's it like? A million deaths, a million breaths To kill a million dreams, Tears flow like streams in ecstasy To worship God, to worship the Devil To fuck Jesus, suck Satan cold To grow older than old To be born wicked and bold, Wicked and bold You never touch reality, Never touch reality And then you drop