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Development (Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip)

"Underground intelligent hip hop development Progression is our intent, ladies and gentlemen" They say possession is nine tenths Well we possess mind vents To filter the rhymes sent From deep down inside Hence the precision and timing Essential to rhyming If you wish to pierce the cerebral lining You see image is nothing Imagination is everything Is there anything you wear that's more important than what you think? I think not... as I bump Aesop Cruise to Herbie Hancock and fuckin' rock out with Snot You wanna look for me? I'll be in charity shops I ain't buyin my shirts I'm buyin' my damn pants and socks Bitch-what? This shit's inside of me I ain't riding the beat It's the beat that is riding me I ain't an alcoholic I just drink a lot And maybe I'm a genius Or maybe I just think a lot My intellect in retrospect compared to some... "Ay yo Pip you know that second verse was all straight garbage?" What you talkin' 'bout man it's not that bad... it was alright. "I know what I'm talkin' 'bout. Give these fuckers something new!" What am I supposed to do? What...? "Come on man" Alright man, how about this? I remember hearing Mos Def rhyme the alphabet I just sat there in silence As a sign of respect I knew what I had to do And that's what happened next I rhymed the periodic table to stay one step ahead See in the periodic table hydrogen is number one 'Cause hydrogen is what puts the shine in the sun Through nuclear fusion and when it's done It leaves element number two Helium... helium is the second lightest gas that there is So we use it in balloons we give to little kids Then there's lithium often used to treat mental problems Beryllium don't conduct electric currents, it stops them Boron can be used to make things harden And that smoke that's coming out of your exhaust, carbon Carbon is arguably the most important element And nitrogen in the air is almost eighty percent The rest of the air is mainly oxygen And fluorine is the lightest of the halogens OK that's enough teaching I ain't trying to bore ya I'm just trying to be a positive role model for ya 'Cause in my town I'm blessed with many role models So many that sometimes the mind just boggles See KRS is my teacher Slick Rick's my ruler Chuck D's my preach' I'm just a preschooler I've still got growing to do though I ain't trying to fool ya But compared to all the other kids in my class I'm much taller I'm much taller