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Rapper's Battle (Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip)

What do you mean keep it real, could someone please explain When reality's just light interpreted by your brain And if mine and your perceptions ain't one and the same Which one of us is normal which one is insane The skin never forgets a deep abrasion Yet your brain often forgets deep conversations This annoys me due to the nature of humanity Want to remember the good, not just the bad things that happened to me And yeah, I understand the minds an intricate tapestry So is the skin and that still records damage, see This scar above my eyebrow's from when I was a kid And my skin has kept a record of the damage I did Twenty some years down the line from that very day Documentation of carelessness and the price that you pay Yet it's over complex brain that sits inside of my head Can't remember the last things me and my friend J said I don't want to be just devoid of desire I don't want to be another bird on the wire I don't want to be just a log on the fire I don't want to be that at all I got a heart rate that's erratic I guess god fucked up the schematic I can't hack it and I panic and that makes it go pneumatic Causing landslides t-t-t-tearing up my insides Sometimes I think I'll live forever, but I know I won't When I really should be working on my flow I don't I just sit here and read extracts from this note I wrote Trying to find something that is worth a quote Fixing up mad Bitches like lobotomy stitches When I hit a tight rhyme see my leg it twitches I ain't into this game for the fame or riches Good to write tight rhymes, street poems and scriptures Now what's the point I'm making? Why I am saying this out loud? Am I convincing myself or pandering to the crowd? You can hear every word, you would still never know me Like Sean Penn could win 10 Oscars but he'll still be Spicoli