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I Could Love A Man Like That (Cochran Anita)

Staring out my window, who is that I see He sure does look familiar, and he's wearing boots and jeans Can't tell you were I saw him, was it on a late night screen A cowboy in this city's something I ain't never seen He's knockin' on the door of my two two room flat Do I let him in, what I would give to love a man like that He walks that western walk, he talks that southern talk He rides the rodeo, he comes from San Antonio He's drivin' a big ole Cadillac Hey, I could love a man like that Yes, I could love a man like that He takes me by the hand as he leads me out the door I say "Good-Bye ole city, I won't be back here no more" Well I moved here from the country, thought I'd try and get ahead Oh but every road I've taken's headed other ways instead But I've packed up my belongings, and he's handing me the keys I'm headed to the Mountains with the man of my dreams Now you may think I'm crazy, but I just can't explain There's something about a cowboy that drives this girl insane