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In God We Trust (Cyclone Temple)

The stage is set Backdrop lit Testing One Two Three Now don't forget when I wave my hand Flash the price across the screen And when I raise my eyes towards the heavens Don't be late with the cue And when I raise my fist I want a clap of thunder Instilling fear is how I rule [Bridge:] Mindless people follow your master Multitudes of lambs to the slaughter Like lost children searching for an answer While I feed on you like cancer [Chorus:] Can you feel me Touch you Heal thee Almighty dollar gives me strength in power In God We Trust I am pure I have no faults I am a man of truth Take these words from this book Interpret them for my use [Bridge / Chorus] Headlines rage Followers divided Tell them in whom they should believe Pity me people For I am only man Never again will I deceive Drunken scap fleecing his flock They're with me all the way My kingdom's done from what's become Is it me or god that they praise