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March For Me Die For Me (Cyclone Temple)

Mosquitoes sting like lightning Beams of mid-day burn my neck A hundred miles behind me hear the cries of rapid breath Yellow fever eats my brain Soon the maggots prey The final step before I fall and they shall have their way [Chorus:] Step by step 'cross burning sands The jungle hears no prayers Introduced to virgin eyes A hell like none before Some will live Some will die Are you proud soldier now I am death reach out and take my hand Pain solution here The stench of death and weakness The body count will rise Those of us who cry for help thine eyes look toward the skies March survivors crying out In endless agony Those of us left behind will pay through suffering [Chorus] Step by step I see Inch by inch I bleed Mile by mile I hunger Killing all in my sight Woman and child no mercy Towards the enemy no feeling Ironically I am captured Now the enemy has no feeling I'm on the losing side I must suffer Indestructible We can never lose Unbelievable How they brainwash The hunter's now the hunted Oh what will become of me I must hang on Another day I must see Oh is this a bad dream I must be strong Oh god help me