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Silence So Loud (Cyclone Temple)

Slamming the door That echos through the cellblock Nothing can I see Guilty until proven innocent Never again to be free Deathrow is like one bullet in an empty gun Pull the trigger Hanging by a thread So quiet I hear my thoughts aloud Hate getting stronger It's been so long Since I've heard a human voice Isolated It's been years since I've seen the light of day Slightly demented Memories die Bad blood flows The love of man is gone Emptiness reminds you well of the things that must Come to end Come to end [Bridge:] The tears I cry The blood I bleed The hell I feel The hate within I stand alone Not always proud But on my own Nobody at me side [Chorus:] Silence so loud I am innocent I scream over and over But no one hears me I am the victim of a witch hunt Oh god help me I fear the truth won't be found Locked up key thrown away I'll be dead before they discover I've been accused falsely Darkness Silence My only friend Solitary confinement Is where I'll be until I'm dead [Bridge / Chorus] Lady Justice can you help me I am indigent and can't pay your price What about innocent 'til proven guilty Or is it reserved for those with money and might Is being poor punishable by law While the rich plead guilty and go free Only in the land of milk and honey Can justice be sold from sea to shining -- [Repeat Chorus]