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Sister (Until We Meet Again) (Cyclone Temple)

I hear you call my name I turn and you're not there If these four walls could speak They'd tell me what you felt You cry yourself to sleep A pain no one can share Never felt such emptiness This void's consuming me [Chorus:] I can't talk to you no more about my troubled thoughts You seem so far away but always in my heart No harm can come to thee I've lost you to the dark Until we meet again please forget me not Sister I'm in pain Did your heartbeat pound with each raindrop As your blood was washed away Why does it take the loss of someone To make you value all you do and say No yesterday No tomorrow Only memories and photographs No sunlight No rainbows All that once was is now black Memories run through my mind Of the days gone by What I felt was never said Something only time could mend Never seem to miss the well Until the well runs dry Why didn't I say it when I had the chance So tragic how it ends [Chorus] Tomorrow never came Yesterday is gone Never to return Like darkness gives to dawn For you pain is just a word now Time has no meaning Never to return Peacefully sleeping