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I Gotta Get My Groove On (Solid Harmonie)

Started to feel this way the day I ran up on ya I have made love to you but only in My mind You said the relationship you're In was kind of shaky And that you would roll with me If I could wait a while We'll I'm not the kind of girl to Make decisions in a rush But I'm getting tired of waiting And my body needs your touch Don't worry 'bout her findings out - nobody needs to know Don't wanna move too fast but You're moving too slow And I gotta get my groove on The way I feel tonight it won't Take long We can skip the candlelight - Skip the love songs And get right down to the biz - Lets get it on (2x) When I call your page and leave A message you'll come running Find some excuse to leave and Meet me where I live I won't be wearing much - just Fragrance and a see through Baby come through cause I got So much love to give I want you to make a booty call Come over and climb my walls Boy I'll be down to try it all - Whatever you like