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Beyond Humanity (Ripping Corpse)

Are you sane Crawford Tillingast? Bow you've seen it, how long can your sanity last? Don't go back in the house on Benevolent Street Defy the urge no mater how it entreats Deny the lust and greed to see It's usurping your will and humanity The pineal is no means to sanctity Just a catalyst for the corrupting entity Omnivorous, it feeds on minds deceased Great knowledge, yet such perversity The evil that lurks in all men's minds You must defy it, strike it blind Uncovering latent vision Pretorious sounght to find nirvana Absorbed in gratification, climaxed in decapitation Festering withing the maw, digested by the hungry obscenity United and debased with the voracious mutated amalgamation Awash in a sick sensation, ravaged, debauched, not emancipated Sapient abomination, sucking in the covetous myrmidon Swollen, satiated, glutted from metempsychosis Devouring without prejudice, engulfing, consuming, incorporating Because humans are such easy prey Defy it, save yourself Survive Defy it, save yourself Survive Beyond humanity