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Through The Skin To The Soul (Ripping Corpse)

I spoke the words that let them in Chanted in tongues, indulged in sin I've embraced a darker way Will a new life begin Conspiracy with demons Hidden deep within my skin They taint my soul now Insidious brethren Whispering their hatred Of the purity of heaven Through the skin to the soul Conspirator unforgiven Their elegance disarmed me So subtle, yet obscene Their gilded lied designated to drive me To hideous extremes They've taken all my faith now Only fear and pain remain I'm a mortal door, I'll cry no more I'll never be redeemed In my sleep they afflict me With sordid blackened dreams They fill my mind with hellish crimes In loathing I am clean My anger can expell them Riding on my screams Fits of anger unlock the cage Consequences to be seen