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Don't Be Mad (Frankee)

[Hook] Dont be mad,cause i set your sh*t on fire,dont be mad cause your a f**king liar Dont be scared cause i broke the windows out your car Dont be mad need to be glad that im still f**king with you Never thought that i could be straight up mother f**king crazy Oh yeah its just like that chick that will get you back If you f**k around im a beat you down Im a do what i do best If your with some chick trying to pull a trick you might catch one in your chest [B] Aint nothing like a girl in love f** king round with a straight up fool You see no im not the one i f**k chicks up for fun and im still not goin be mad at you Listen up real good yeah boy you better play with this here toy Dont think that you got it like that im in control better watch your back If you f**k around im goin tear u down im goin fill your life with stress If i catch a ho coming thru your door im a woop her like the rest [B] [Hook]