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HIM (Frankee)

It's so emotional, what im feeling I never been caught between a hard place and a rock I know shes cheating and i want to have him,but shes my friend [Hook:] I know that shes my girl. i know that hes her man But im dreaming of a stormy love afair Plus she does him so wrong, i want to treat him right I know that shes my girl,but i wanna be with him Shes not in love with him.hes a hobby And i wanna be the one to make him happy all the time Were a perfect fit,but i know it just wouldnt be right [Hook] [Break] I'm faced with a dilemma. dont want to lose my girl I dont know what to do But i wanna be with..... [Bridge:] Him...hes sexy Him...hes classy Him..he fits me him..cause i wanna be with Him...i get along with Him...we should be more than friends,is it just what it is