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Below (Reciprocal)

From below the permafrost Of the arctic Regions lay species unknown Since the Cryogenian period They wait ten million years to be unleashed Immersed continually within the glacial mass Mankind extenuates the anguish of their habitat The warming of the globe will emancipate An apocalyptic inevitable fate Enormous, vastly exceeding the traits of extant life Winged Beast navigating through water air or land No escape, predatory nature will eradicate Removal, seek and destroy all living entities Ice-cores de-crystallize cleansing native life discharging Archaic malignant reptilia Beasts, by design, enshrined for this rightful time Now liberated they ruthlessly clear the populace Colonies of ancient life descending from the skies Grasping mounds of earthly flesh and tearing to shreds Screams go unheard their bellowing overwhelms For fifty thousand years they dominate the earth An epoch of doom, cataclysmic degree Until a new age of frozen earth Waters and mass begin to congeal Frostbite disseminates, existence now null Change in earth’s atmosphere Gas levels drop Continents shift with force Polar seas rise Earths orbit alternates Sun light declines Output Diminishing Sunspots convect Volcanoes Blanketing Earth with Aerosol The Ice age has arrived Nature preserves the ancient beast