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Victims Of Circumstance (Reciprocal)

Annihilate omnipotent gods, omniscient gods, omnipresent gods Vindicate, eradicate faith, irrational ways, primitive creeds, lack of evidence Immaculate culture will be displaced for animosity Obtuse faith overrides human nature as we know it Cancer disperses across undivided boundaries Converting feeble minds, desolating interference Pestilence advances overseas All-encompassing creatural existence Succumb to the threat of their requisition Or depart from the flesh you have redeemed Enslavement, killing, land theft, blood is on their hands If they meet defiance, all must be dispersed or destroyed Ultimatum be their final plea, truce and become obsolete Behold technology that has the power to erase you Harmonious civilization deceived to aid them in their wars Once they gain supremacy, their aid will be aspersed, raped, and pillaged Force-marched at gunpoint to new land Those who fight brutally killed without sympathy Children torn from their mother’s arms By their limbs, bash their head onto rocks, left for dead In sub-zero temperatures Suffering endlessly without fire or shelter Pneumonia begins to set in Organs shut down and skin turning blue, respiratory system shuts down Seven thousand soldiers march through breaking down doors Dragging them to stockades dead or alive “My friends circumstance renders it impossible that you can flourish in a civilized community” -General Andrew Jackson On the trails is the stench of death Savages unable to move on, left for dead Ninety percent meet their demise Exposure, froze to death, starvation, and disease Like cattle herded to their graves Helpless men, women, and children die, forsaken Afterlife, your only hope to Escape the torturous treatment of your brothers As one they depart We will extirpate