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Wrath (Reciprocal)

Rape, Murder, Hatred Anger annihilates Flood, Famine, Starvation Disasters that devastate Lustful, Immoral, Vengeful Prideful Brutality Gluttonous, Envious, Avarice Foreseen in the prophecy Your Lord, your God, Master of all creation Your hope, your love, your light of all salvation You pray in vein, each day the pain has strengthened Evil revealed, he is the face of Satan Revelations Christians Behold! For our seven sins Darkness descends upon us It brought fourth seven plagues The bowls of wrath will end our days Witness the wickedness of god Baptize his angels in their blood Cleansing of Christians in their Raptured from earth, the prophets promised passage Betrayed from birth, left by the one you worship Suffer the same, through this great tribulation Now curse his name, through revelations living hell! Unforgiving lord of warfare brought us plague End of all existence, pestilence now reigns Punishment Execution of the living taking place Brink of our extinction ending human race Face judgment Unrepenting serpent spiritually disease Satan dragon free to lead the sheep astray Damnation Eternal lord immortal, saviors wrath Armageddon apocalyptic Scriptures path "Who will not fear thee, O Lord and bring glory to thy name? For thou alone art holy. All nations will come to worship before you, for thy righteous judgments have been revealed"