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Snake Eyes (Main Source)

Yeah, yeah, yeah... Rolling dice can help you or hurt you; your virtue Is known when you quit cause you've hit your cash curfew Even if you have to get swift and swindle It's as long as you with, so close you're simple I see people rolling dice with lives Telling lies and cutting close like knives For a sandwich and selter, so probablt sell the Clothes on they man's back for fame and wealth or Go with the next man's girl and hit the skins Get in his face and say "Yo, we're best friends" Scared of a tattle, because his tail shake like a rattle And then he'll kiss behind like a saddle That'll be the reason why you'll bleed and grieve Ready to diss your own brother at breakneck speed You roll the dice reall fast to get nice But gotta be more precise Cause I keep looking, and you'll keep scheming I'll start hooking, and you'll be screaming Starting to tries in an alibi Cause you keep rolling snake eyes Yeah, yeah, yeah... The person you least expect to slit your neck Nine times out of every ten crimes is the prime suspect It doesn't feel good, when you can't trust blood And your neighbor's the neighborhood hood Plotting the cut neck scam You sleeping in the end, you get swept cause you slept Yeah, the dice get blown on so step back Snakes attack and move as fast as a Cadillac But if found in my circumference The next day you'll pay to get your fronts fixed Rolling 11 is the opposite of heaven It's craps, so start revving to make tracks Once a snake, you stay a snake When you're small you took cookies, but now you take the cake And talk behind backs, and switch facts And tax, and probably smoke cracks Cause one minute my crib you're all in it The next day you want to play self centered? Just because you're in with the fake guys And you keep rolling snake eyes Yeah... I watch people roll dice in the jungle of concrete With venom, corrodes the streets Where girls get foul on their guys, why? (They're rolling snake eyes!) Where the guys get foul on their wives, why? (They're rolling snake eyes!) False producers are telling lies, why? (They're rolling snake eyes!) Policemen are taking bribes, why? (They're rolling snake eyes!) So here's the solution to the problem that lies ahead: Shoot a motherfucking snake dead For rolling snake eyes