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Graveyard Bash (Maniac Spider Trash)

It felt great when the ax smacked in If I was alive I'd scream do it again My autopsy, yeah, it felt real great The graveyard's where we'll celebrate So bring the chips and brains You know we want your brain The clock strikes 12 o'clock Creatures crawl out from under their rock Exactly what you fear Nothing to fear but the fear that you fear Having a graveyard bash Devils are singing Axes are swinging We're having a graveyard bash Drinking blood, schmoozing with the dead If I was alive could you hear what I said I'm all alone and feeling oh so great Now bring the family and we'll celebrate C'mon little demon And sing me a song Tell me about the dead and the too far gone Take me to the place of the living dead Tell about the dead, about the dead, about the...dead