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Rat Rotted Mind (Maniac Spider Trash)

I cringe inside the womb I'm drinking stomach fluid I'm inside, demon crawling out oozing I got the answers, bulging, tattooed on my head I'm coming out alive but I'm born dead Superfly, motherfucking, cold-hearted son of a bitch That's what I am and my momma told me about it I'm getting sick, chew it back, choking on my spit Dig a hole and lay me right down in it Rat-Rotted, Rat-Rotted Mind I lay the bricks that's smashing your pretty face You got a black eye, bloody nose, and empty space You hate the way I am I'm hating who you are Hate's such a pretty thing It always leaves a scar I've got the stick and I'm stirring up the brewing pot You spill your guts but you aint giving all you've got Sledgehammer fighting Spitting back in your face You want the truth and it's tattooed on your fucking face