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Redbird (Cadillac Sky)

Redbird outside my window Sings a sad and lonesome song But his words won't have wings When I find the strength to move on Everyday the cut feels deeper But I know that I'll survive Cause my faith is far stronger Than the pain of your goodbye (chorus) You can burn me down to ashes Bury me beneath your clay But I'll rise again like Lazarus And live to love another day Yeah I should've known better But I've learned my lesson well Love's a long string of lies Forever's some fool's fairy tale Repeat Chorus No love ain't seen the last of me No love ain't seen the last of me Let all of our forevers come crashing to the ground This pain is not my prison Heartache cannot hold me down Someday I will wake up to a new sun shining bright And you'll find me sweet salvation In some distan angel's eyes