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The Wreck (Cadillac Sky)

I keep havin' this dream where I'm inside this lion's mouth And everytime I climb right back in soon as I get out Wake up out of breath, in a cold sweat Ah, her leavin' almost left me for dead, knocked me down Felt like some kind of cosmic kick in the head I tried, I tried my best to find a way around the pain But that light at the end of the tunnel's a train This crash course has taken it's toll And I need God's healing hand The wear and tear's showing body and soul The wreck that I am Life's a demolitions derby, man It's a wild ride, you just try your best to hold tight to the wheel And touch your brakes form time to time when you're headed down hill All the king's men been trying to put me together again But I keep on driving that same old dead end *REPEAT CHORUS* Maybe there's somewhere for me to start all over brand new A place in the shade of a tree I can shake off these blues, these rocks in my shoes If insanity is strumming the same chord expecting a new song Then, call me crazy, I've been milking the same sick cow so long I'm tired of getting nowhere I need a new way to feel, this old life keeps on losing it's trill.