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U Stay Gone (Cadillac Sky)

Day after day I stare down this road And this clock in my chest just ticks away Night after night I go to bed alone Oh, how long must I wait Don't you know it ain't supposed to end this way Oh, the river rolls to the sea Thru the mountains, thru the trees Winding it's way to that ocean foam And the pigeon flies from it's master's hand Don't rest it's wings 'till it's back again Riding the wind where it belongs So, tell me baby why you stay gone I've played it in my head hundreds of times The day God brings you back to me The dark clouds will scatter and a new sun will rise Brighter than a child's dream Oh, when will my faith be redeemed? The wayward son leaves his father's side Headed for those city lights But always stumbles on the road back home The yellow moon hides it's face 'Till the night is thru at the break of day But never leaves the lonely alone too long So, tell me, baby why you stay gone The silence whispers you're not coming back The buzzards hover waiting to attack But our love ain't dead and gone Someday you're coming home at last