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You Again (Cadillac Sky)

Just out on parole, a new man, saved soul Ready to leave that life behind. Bus ride and a change of clothes, no job, dead broke, No one wants a man who's done time. I see someone left the keys in a foreign car ignition, And I hear an old friend callin' my name. (Chorus) It's you again temptin' me to break in, And take that Mazerati for a ride. I bet you're down there smilin', Watchin' me drivin', With your pitch fork pokin' at my side. And I feel your firey touch against my skin It's you again. A motel mattress covered in hundreds A bottle of bourbon on the floor Visions of Vegas, fine wine, and women As I see a Bible on the night stand drawer A guilty conscience sets in, feels like someone's watchin And I hear an old friend callin' my name (Chorus) It's you again, askin' me to open That King James to Psalm 102 And your words hit like lightnin' I hear your angels cryin Can't believe I turned my back on You And I can't enjoy the fruits of my sins It's You again Sirens, handcuffs, new trial, same judge Disappointed lookin down at me Sayin it's you again standin In my courtroom beggin Me to show some mercy one more time Sayin, Son I guess you didn't learn your lesson Now it's time to pay up for your crime You've earned a one way ticket to the pen One more word and I'll tack on another ten And I heard my cellmate say as I walked in It's you again