Letting Go (Stars Go Dim)

You've got a way Of making me hold onto The possibility of us once again Deep down I know we'll never be Living, laughing, loving in perfect harmony The thought of you with someone else just kills me I got to let you go I'm in too deep I never knew it would be this hard till now Where do I go? And how do I get there Take me away from all the lies and let you go How can I love again, knowing the pieces of you are still holding onto me Got to let you go. Getting back, on your feet is never easy Staying strong, Does she ever stop and think of me For the way I use to be, for the way I use to love her Deep down I know we'll never be Living laughing loving in perfect harmony I'm going on without you I'm learning to live without you now I'm coming down from what I thought was love but I guess I was so wrong How could I ever fallen for you so bad? Cause you're beautiful