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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Gramigna (Almamegretta)

Lassateme sta’ ma che vulite ‘a me iatevenne nun ve voglio vede’ lassame sta’ nun me tucca’ lassame sta’ nun me ‘nquita’ chesta ? a vita mia e voglio campa’ comme dico io lassame sta’ famme campa’ lassame sta’ nun me ‘nquita’ chesta ? a vita mia e voglio campa’ comme dico io sienteme a me sienteme a me si quaccheduno te vo’ vattere tu nun te ‘o tene’ sienteme a me fa’ comme me aggio vuttato sotto e ‘ngoppo chello ca nun putevo vede’ chello ca tengo nun me ‘o lleva’ si tengo ‘e scelle voglio vula’ sempe cchi? fforte luntano ‘a cc? cu ‘a mano ‘o cielo voglio tucca’ i do it like this and you do it like that my way is different but is exact you’re dustin’ a follower, drifting with the heard that could never be me it’s absurd judgemental assessing what i do conforming to the system i break the rules indifferent with no opinions to share you play it safe i’m the one who takes the dares it’s one life you have you got so live it go for your own excel and never give in don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams aslong as there ‘s a way you’ll find the means make sure you’re happy in all you do livin’ by the doctrine that you choose to they cannot take away your spirit inside so when you walk hold your head with pride.