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Make Movies (Young Cash)

Duval County... Stand uuuppp. Young Cash, TPain, shawwty... Sophia Fresh yea yea Let's make le le le let's make Le le le let's make... Let's GO! I'm a set the cameras up, u gon light the candles up. Get ready for my stamina, Yeahh (Let's Make a Movie) I'm your director, wanna see u sweat girl, Quiet on the set girl, yeahh (Let's Make a Movie) U be my actress, lay down on the mattress, Lights, camera, action, yeahh (Let's Make a Movie) This is a Duval County Production, se**** Eruption, Yeahh (Let's Make a Movie) She a freak, and I know it but she stay classy. Yeah I eat pussy, I'm from florida girl we all nasty. I know what I'm doing so ain't no need for practice girl. U so fine, u know what? u should be an actress girl. I ain't talkin like sex and the city or law and order. I'm talkin in my crib, me, u and the camcorder. 1st she was kinda scared, saying "boy u so crazy" Next thing u know she dirty dancing like Patrick Swayze. She got me so excited, and now I'm really hard. U can be Halle Barry, and I'll be Billy Bob. I'm an animal ain't no soft shit, I hope u ready. Cause I'm a give it to you rough like DMX in Belly She climbin up the wall screamin I can't mess with u. I forgot to tell shawty that I was on too. On top was good, from the back felt great. And the best part is we got it all on tape. Scene 2 I'm dressed up like a police man. Shawty broke the law, I slammmed the cuffs on her hands. Threw her in the bed then I read her her rights. She can remain silent but she screamed all night. I know so many positions, come here I bout to learn ya. She says she want me to take it like Ike and Tina Turner. That really ain't my thang but I went through with it. Cause really in the end what's love got to do with it. Pamela, Tommy Lee, Paris Hilton, E-v-e. Ray Jay and Kim Kardashian and now it's u and me. We gon be famous baby, we gon drive mercedes baby. Hold up we can't leave that, my old lady gon go crazy baby. So I'm a keep the tapes and make sure that they safe and sound. And no I'm not gonna show my dawgs when u not around. Soon as she left I grabbed my phone and called T-Pain. I said come through I gotta show u this new movie mayn.