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Run (Frenzal Rhomb)

I'm not a coward I've got sense When it comes to self-defense I'd rather leave the scene than fight You can try and you just might You can succeed to make me bleed Run! Run away from this anger If you just can't stand the ground Look at what you've found Start to pray when you hear the speech Of what are you looking at Well I'm not looking at you Don't delay if you can't escape It's harder to rationalise when all you feel is hate I can't perceive why you demean yourself And all those around you Your rudeness astounds me Yeah, gonna have some fun Yeah, with everyone Yeah, gonna have some fun Yeah, we're gonna have some fucking fun Touch the sky with your middle finger When it gets too hot distraction's all you've got We can deceive if it's only hope Deception is easy when you're dealing with dickheads