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Lunacy Rising (Steelwing)

There is something in the air tonight I feel with every breath a wind that's gentle yet cold I lift my eyes to towards the light Celestial bodies set in motions relentless and old The hunter's moon is rising to illuminate the trees Amber fire burning all that I can see Stalking the horizons close as ever it could be Sending shivers through the autumn leaves And have we not since ancient times intently met His gaze And have we never wondered what He might have to say Mesmerized by every line upon His placid face Cursing the arrival of the coming day And I will miss you endlessly although you're coming back to me I only there was something I could do to make you see And never will I ever leave Thy side And I would lie if I ever would say the sun as bright as you could shine Lunacy rising Drawn from below At your command Angel of Light Lunacy rising Now I am yours So take my hand Guardian of the night Ignorance turns into clarity, now I can see Periodic and patiently longing for each perigee My master is quietly watching, awaiting the time The final rebellion; the self-righteous brother must die Pulling the mountains, exposing the cracks of the Earth Pushing the oceans ashore as if cleansing the world Be that my mission, O Master, I'd gladly obey I'll follow you every command to the end of my days Why can't they see the ways of Thee? Oh, lunacy it's just you and me Cries in the night in the absence of light I'm alone Chained in my cell I am trapped in this hell down bellow Have I gone blind? If but only a sign you could show Master, O Master! This can't be the last of your glow! No! Why can't I see the ways of Thee? Oh, lunacy what's left of me