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The Illusion (Steelwing)

I am the one inside your mind A master of illusion in both space and time Throw me in chains and leave me to drown Still I'll break free and I will stand my ground These simple contraptions are no match for me I've been searching so long for a way to succeed Infernal visions of my rebirth From the man who shed light on the face of the earth An illusion Twisted confusion Only one thing on my mind an it drives me insane Untameable power Enter the hour The last chapter of my life will be written tonight No one shall stand in my way [Lead: Rockbag ] I have found the key to illusions you can not conceive I'm not bound, I'm further ahead then you'll ever believe [Lead: Vega ] Electrical madness, an infernal scream Unleashing the wrath of the monstrous machine Witness the power of my hellish device A stunning performance to the worlds eyes Memories of death they all reappear My heart it is pounding but I know no fear My last moments of sanity Wiped away by the power consuming what's me An illusion My execution Lightning burning inside my veins Electrical, thunder The worlds seventh wonder Lights out, I disappear and return I'm the man who's back from the dead!