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Tokkotai (Wind of Fury) (Steelwing)

For years we have trained our bodies and minds For the mission that's now underway Our fears we have conquered, we're ready to die The decision was easily made And so we take to the skies To honour the lands with our lives Under the sunrise and over the winds To the glorious death we will die An empire in ashes, a desperate act But courage will show us the way And hellfire shall rain in this final attack The divine wind will blow them away Tokkotai! Tokkotai! Sayonara, this is good bye Tokkotai! Tokkotai! A furious storm divine Decided to win we ride with the wind Determinated to kill without fail Tokkotai! Tokkotai! A furious storm divine Man and machine unite The Special Forces strike We won't back down Upon pacific shores The coming of the storm Will turn the tides of war The spirit of old running strong in our veins The red and the white bind us all Long live the Emperor! We lived to obey and as death form the heavens we fall