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Good-Bye (Kerser)

[Intro] Yeah, it was nice knowin yous all You won't be seeing me no more Yo, I'm gone [Verse 1] Outta reach and I feel like I'm gone now, I never had a clue about the right or wrong route I fucked up but I found the success How the fuck I do that and still be down in a mess I'm into skitzin when I'm outta drugs, the evil inside I'm knowing why the fuck my misses couldn't be by my side I tuck a knife on my dacks, no one knows that it's there Sometimes I rub it on my leg so that I know and I swear This the paranoid street life I'm stuck in the old route You faggots still had the high to say that I sold out Just cause these people know me doesn't mean that I've changed It means that I done something different and they knowin' the name Sometimes I really wanna get away and never come back And just run away for good and turn my back on the rap Then I'm back on the track, and ain't nobody got an answer They said I was the sickest cause the rappin' is my cancer [Hook x2] I'm not knowin' who to trust and I'm walkin I turn my back on my life its important That you never see me smile again I throw away the pen again I'm guessing this is the end, I'm gone [Verse 2] See I gave my life to rap and it gave some cash back Can I leave it, thats that, cause my mind is a smashed lab Experiment that went wrong they wanna know my best song I'm so fucking known but still feel like that I get slept on Life is like I stepped on a landmine and leapt wrong Then rolled into another one and now my fucking legs gone Why they crazy viewing it, I summed it up real I wish I had some kinda button that would help how I feel They would never give me props cause I'm reppin the street You don't know what I've popped just to get me to sleep It's like a never ending cycle, and it's feeling kinda vital Now they treat me like an idol but I'm cruising with a rifle And its pointin' at my head as I'm staring down the barrel Fuck a one minute round, yeah this is what a battle And I thank you that your listening but yo I gotta jet quick About to lose my mind, I guess my life has got too hectic [Hook x2] [Bridge x2] Tell me will you be there when I really need you I'm, Feeling like I need a break, but feeling like you need me I, Never felt this way but I, Think this is my good-bye, Good-night, good-bye, good-life, good-bye [Hook] [Outro] Good-bye, good-bye Make sure I get them visits man (Thanks for your support) Put some money on the jail account (Amazing man) You won't see Kerser no more (Fuck I don't want letters, I wanna actually see ya) I've had it with this shit, I surrender I'm going We out, for good this time Fuck it And I feel like I'm gone, now