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Naturally (Kerser)

[Verse] Theres a war in my brain that I can't tame, The left side fights the right with a dark flame In the back has my fucking head on fire Passed hour I've drunk or gotten higher I'm underwater spitting with the spliff that I just lit and Call it praying call it wishing, Call it change and call it different Call it what you want but my reflection in the mirror Tells me I know who I am in fact it couldn't get no clearer That Ecstasy feel, this is definitely real For six years, swear to god my aim was getting a deal Then I realised I don't need one I'mma do it by myself And so I did and now I'm paid and yes they stock it on the shelf You can call me self made from the gutter its a miracle Don't copy what I do cause they see through and they ain't hearing you Then theres fuckers from the place that I grew up in Who were jealous tripping, like fuck it man hes nothing You don't fucking know, what I've done to get to where I'm at You in the same place, I'm on a plane and I'm getting smashed Plus I'm getting cash, still I live in C-Town Don't say that word sellout, think I need to get my feed ground Deadset I'm going hard, going in, never quit Branded on my face, cause I know I'm forever sick My point of view, collides with many others I don't listen, we ain't brothers, I'm admitting that I'm gutter You brag about this shit And thats what makes me stop and think, Cause if you really living gutter you ain't wanna live that shit Trust me we would know, I know you feeling this is real Trees lit up so much we kind of give a Christmas feel Begging for forgiveness, nah I'm begging that I win this wait I won already, get me ready, steady who the sickest Close them eyes, and travel into my world The bridge you cross is smokey, getting heated when the pipe twirl You don't fucking know me, therefore don't you fucking judge me Try and diss it doesn't budge me, you live shit I'm living lovely Saying what your saying and your sitting just be patient Cause I almost died to get here yeah you tell me why I made it I consider pen to paper pain that I have gone and pushed away Bleed the colour of the pen, this my life you look away Kinda crook today, them the pills I took today, I always rap about the drugs cause they have fucking took my brain over But no it is over, not until I'm sober and I'm on top with composure Nebs compose the beat, whereas I compose my speech If you mix these up together then they taking over streets God help 'em, cause they stuck and they hating I'm moving at a steady pace, enjoying that I made it Celebrate, yeah you can mourne Slap your fucking face cause I'm gone and moving on [Bridge x2] Talk your shit, I don't listen Saying what it is, then what is it then Falling off the phone, but they carry me Calling for a home, I do this naturally [Outro] Yeah, I'm floatin, with each step