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Put The Pipe Down (Kerser)

[Hook] Last night I swear I put the pipe down (Kerser) Put the pipe down, put the, put put the pipe down (Rates) Woke up and filled it with a rock now (Kerser) With a rock now, with a, with with a rock now (Rates) Popped pills, its real, we needing help now (Kerser) Needin' help now, needin', need needin' help now (Rates) All alone, I've got to sit myself down (Kerser) Sit my self down, sit my, sit sit myself down (Rates) [Verse 1: Rates] My thoughts changing up, wait today I waited up You light the pipe, ignite a rhyme and think you write creative stuff But deep inside you try to hide anxiety that makes you nuts Are we chasing fate, or fate will wait to make its way to us Escaping when we're taking drugs, crave it like you crave for junk Make you grab a safe and do a break so you can blaze it up I've witnessed bitches scratch their wrists, itchin' till their makin' cuts Crazy cunts are dackin' people, bashing their own babies mums Is this the shit thats gonna rip, if thats the case I gave it up Giving this admission its the hardest thing, I'm waking up Are you gonna wait we both the same, same in the way that we go insane Cravin' the taste of the base that we chase and I pray for the day that it goes away I know complaining won't do shit and yeah its up to us At least I'm honest, I ain't hiding most you cunts are suss So stand here and watch me smash this fucking glass pipe Hassle and a hazard and I swear this is my last time [Hook] [Verse 2: Kerser] Where'd I go wrong, what I just seen man I need a medic Get a feeling, energetic, when I'm walking past the chemist Is this the end is it cause I am ready take my soul I'm already ready high, so tell me what you waiting for Rates just rocked up with the leanie and the vallies too I join him with the Xanny's, perfect mix like fucking alley oop Something tells me, ask him if he needs help man my brain flips How I'm gonna ask him that, I mean I'm on the same shit Worst state of my life that I have ever been, I won't lie How can I be fucked up, but career wise man I'm so high I'm zoning out and I got nowhere to run Ain't gonna get a second chance and now I'm roamin' with rum I fight through what I'm goin through, but what I'm going through if only two Tablets did the trick, I'd be in heaven but that only do Equivalent to half a cone I need a fucking sheet now Just woke up to pop the pills I need another sleep wow