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The Reminder (Kerser)

[Verse 1] Blunt jam packed rolled by a bad bitch She celebrating that I made it, I'mma have this I slept way past the time that I intended Its my day job lad, just rhyme in every sentence From Emphasine, Codeine in a boost cup Sipping on it fast while I tell you I don't do drugs Lean back relax and yet I light this She said shes not a slut but you should see the bitch with my dick I'm a god, I'm a world, I'm a sunshine She a bitch, she a girl, she ain't touch my Money or my wallet or my phone don't call me on it, now thats me just being honest plus your friend thinks I'mma chop her If I didn't rap would you still be in your panties now I play you 'Do The Kers' but you gotta pull them panties down Fuckin slut, yeah you making this too easy Believe me, I'm leaving, Now please enjoy your evening, goodbye [Hook] You didn't learn, nah your needing a reminder I ain't love you once, I told you this while I'm inside ya While I'm inside ya, while I'm inside ya Your just a ho I ain't ever here to help ya Grab your shit and go cause I really wanna belt ya Really wanna belt ya, really wanna belt ya [Verse 2] Ring my phone back, what you do that for Hung up straight away, cause she went and called me beautiful She got the wrong idea, I ain't here to hug and kiss I came to sip your booze and if theres time okay you suck my dick It ain't a fucking trick, its honest and its down to life I hate your name, but you fucking love the sound of mine Kerser with a K, yeah you love it, its insane If they call me Scott today, should we walk another way Thats why I treat em all like shit If they fiending for my dick No respect for a ho, groupie clear the way and split We ain't gonna be a couple, go find your dream man And when your with him, tell him that I already been there I know it don't seem fair, you thinking I'm mean yeah Well how about we change the subject go and just clean there I'mma leave you with a fucking bruise A reminder, like you know who you've been fucking true? [Hook] [Outro] Yeah, and thats just being honest So you can fucking hate me for it But the bottom line, If you didn't see me on that stage Or on that video clip You wouldn't be following me everywhere chasing dick Thats why I treat you like shit Slut Hahaha, Kerser [Kerser:] Jay Dee fuck off man [Jay Dee:] Nah you can't be doing this bro [Kerser:] Nah fuck em man [Jay Dee:] Think about it bro [Kerser:] Why? [Jay Dee:] Your being fucking rude as fuck [Kerser:] Your fucking off your head [Jay Dee:] Seriously bro, who gives a fuck if they're a dirty fucking trash bag, fucking scum looking, inflamed pussy fucking, overrubed fucking, fat ass fucking, dirty, filthy fucking scumbag, pussy rubbing filthy fucking, catching herpes, dirty filthy scumbag, WITH THEIR DIRTY LITTLE SLUT FACES, RUBBING THEIR DIRTY LITTLE, INFLAMED COFFEE BEANS, fucking dirty filthy, inflamed cunts, dirty little cunts, fucking slut bro, it doesn't matter man they're your sluts, just doin it as a friend bro. Oi girls, you know he loves ya, don't worry about it, okay just play Kerser in the background if that gets you in the mood a bit, we love you, dirty filthy fucking scum fucking dirt, cunt fucking, wanna-be rape victim.