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The Temptation (Kerser)

At highschool she was known as a sweetheart Good girl gone bad, but where did we start She liked the rich kids who shouldn't be rich She dated Tommy Tommy Ghettho, Tommy hoodlum like shit She love the funds that he making from his drug lab Try to keep it on the sly, she know hes got his gun dacked The younger dealers yeah they catching her eye Shes thinking well hes younger and hes pulling cash from the sky So on the sly she gets his number right from Tommy G's phone Thinkin bout a booty call like Tommy he'll never know She gotta make her mind up, so she making the call He's keen to meet her, keen to smash her with her face to the floor They meet a couple times shit, now they're falling in love Around the time he's meeting Tommy when he's scoring his drugs She's fucking round with the wrong cunts, Wine yes she tops up, never in her mind is she trying to stop nah [Interlude 1 x2] Silly slut yes she coulda had it all The temptation got the better, sent her for a fall Now shes staring at the wall, not preparing for a war Not knowing what she started Where she standing when it all fall [Verse 2] Tommy kinda suss, in her bag he's finding drugs He kinda know that she ain't normal well in time he does She rocking diamonds cars, always in the nicer stuff She got the pricey cars, all because the guy she loves But she ain't love him she just loving the gifts right Different night find her sucking on a different guy Dealer Dave, yeah he's paid for days Make him change his ways, he sense a dangerous day Cause Tommy following his misses And he sees her as she kisses Davey Davey crazy lately maybe in luck, well he wishes Tommy got a gat, left side in the dash See her fucking head splash as she goes in for the cash Tommy walks to Davey, looks him right in the eye Davey looking down the 9 and its time to say goodbye They both dead now Tommy lonely as fuck They got the same outcome as someone owing him bucks, yeah [Interlude 2 x2] Silly slut yes she coulda had it all The temptation got the better, sent her for a fall Now she dead up on the floor with her head split into four Not knowing she ain't breathing she ain't gettin it no more nah