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The Time (Kerser)

Its dedicated to cunts who said I wouldn't make shit [Verse 1] What I just take? Yeah my brain gone, I'm in the club kinda obvious my shades on This is how I make reality a fake dream, Nothing can be as bad as it may seem Lotta mates carry scars their the hoods marks Treat my life like a joke, its a good laugh In the city of the state that I don't know 3 A.M. still get stopped for them photos Adaption is a fraction of my mind and its reaction Satisfaction come from passion, what is lacking Scot is smashin' The whole fucking scene, piss test unclean Test twice just means get high trust me Im the man to keep it real to the death Thats why the scene hates me, cause they feeling the threat Crush a pill with a card, mix it in with the coke Snort the line, rock the show, Thats the life, what you know [Hook x2] Its the life, its the mic Its the time, this is mine And I'm gonna rap this out and be the one to shine Its the lights, its the night Its the lines, its my mind I'm living life so fast I don't know if I'm living right [Verse 2] I'm in space bitch, I'm in another world You can get here you just gotta toke another swirl The city lights, its so distant to me I'm from the streets and I hear its a district to see The South West, home of drive by's Shot dead, high five Come and visit here, you won't find us in our right mind Got a big dream I'm missing the tunnel Making sure I don't forget I got it inked in my knuckles Its the life, stone cold Might go buy myself some gold Only time I've ever had it when I stole it, and it sold Long gone, probly broke in your house once Thats in the past so I'm keeping my mouth shut Live gutter, fuckin oath didn't chose it Where you think I'd be now if there wasn't music Or better yet if I didn't have a fan base, Your lucky that you noticed cause this could have been a damn waste [Hook x2] [Verse 3] I ain't home much, but when I am though I lock myself in my room and try and lay low Throw a beat, rip it up, smocking weed, sipping cups, Everybody saying that I have to go and live it up Give a fuck, bout a hater, I'mma catch you later, mate I Got a plane I gotta board I'm landing and I get the paper Not fair right, well yeah try it Compare rhymes, mine rare tight, I swear I'm the man I, Won't quit, no not yet, I'm on a roll Came so far in this game, got them rotten souls And new kicks I move quick the tune is set when I do this, met with producers Lot of them are clueless, NEBS got to do this Now we in the studio, killing with round two its, Definitely a classic when we killing the booth Xanax, cough medicine, I'm spillin the truth [Hook x2] [Outro] Yeah, so am I living right? Feeling like a fucking miracle man I come from nothing, no food, no money To having big dinners Every days like my birthday Fuck, in another world here When did this all happen? Fucken oath I'm loving it though ABK, I'm never stopping, I'm not stopping now, Theres no Rest For the Sickest Fuck it I'm gonna go straight through Yo keep that rollin' Can you pass my paper bruzz? Nah to the right, Under that, yeah Alright yo