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They Will Never Understand (Kerser)

Yeah, just gonna let it all out on this one Its not all fun and games This is peoples lives This is my life [Verse 1] See me happy man? Thats a fake smile I got a lot on my plate this might take a while Take a seat turn your brain off and listen up And maybe by the end you'll know why I don't give a fuck We was living in hell, I thought of killing myself Got boys sitting in cells, I try to spit cause it helps Plus my dads sick my life is getting drastic And magazines had the high to ask me "Whats this lad shit?" I give a fuck about a trend or an adlay, I only dress like this just to show you I have pay Cause I ain't used to that I used to be a putrid chat And ain't no way will you ever find me moving back I'm proving facts that I'm nice on the beat I like to take away the lives of people ice on the street Cause I've seen it ruin lives, breaking families to bits And don't you call that shit soft, come and handle how we live kid [Hook] Its all out and its going around Its the only reason why I put the bottle down They will never understand, I'm the way that I am Until they do I guess I'm gonna have to say it again I try, fly by, but my mind is side swiped At night night, I fight fight and bye bye I try hard but I can't escape I'm so real, too real, nah I can't be fake [Verse 2] That addiction is yours, don't inflict it on others Your mistake me are you listening fucker I ain't need to see the whole crew fucked up This shit be spreading like a plague and people see but shut up You need to speak about the evil you see But no one wanna do that fuck it leave it to me My older brother in rehab I should be by his side But I ain't got the guts, he's stronger I will do it in time Hah, do it in time, thats all I ever tell myself Cause if I put it off that means today I can just do myself And doin me that ain't something that you wanna be Without the rhymes I'm nothing just a loser now I gotta see The truth hurts, so this album took the life of me I'm just me its fucked its nothing I even try and be When I say I'm real don't think that I'm talking tough I mean that I'm real and I am just a fuck up [Hook] [Verse 3] At the moment its the truth I'mma speak it Tell the truth I'm too scared to release it That kinda contradicts my other tracks I do know Call me a liar I ain't know what to do bro Never happy deep down I'm fucked up Bud puffed, drugs tucked, left side, lung crushed Thats enough to make me quit right there, You would think so but to quit I swear I would have to change my life and get the fuck away Tomorrow ain't exciting man its just another fucking day I'm skin and bones, I'm a motherfucking wreck shit I meant to let 'em know that I will never tread quick Cause I'm scared I ain't feeling like I'm better yet I'm walking slow and its getting worse with every step I run away and meet the front of a train The side covered in stains, I'm high and nothing remains, nah [Hook] [Outro] Yeah, and I find it ironic That the higher I get The lower I'm digging myself in a hole Its funny that Yeah come outside aye But as soon as, as soon as fucking Australian Idol Fuck me dead, Australian Idol cunt